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'Imprint of Independence': Centenary Exhibit, Lithuanian Embassy, Washington DC

The late Lithuanian-American artist Romas Viesulas shares a centenary with the country where he was born. Exhibiting his work in the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington DC for this dual centenary weaves together the parallel lives of those like Viesulas who were exiled from their country and those that remained, in a celebration of self-determination. For many years the embassy building on 16th Street was practically the seat of a government in exile. This event recalls the function of this stately building and its remarkable historical trajectory over a century that saw it go from embassy to legation and then back again. In doing so, it also marks a kind of ‘homecoming’ for an artistic vision that interprets and echoes this history, by a Lithuanian-born American artist who has been gradually rediscovered in his native country, and whose work is in the permanent collections of the foremost museums of the United States, including the National Gallery at the end of the street on which this Embassy so proudly stands.